Sweet Baby Boy

Don’t know what happened.. but my photos didn’t upload. Here they are.


Wanted to share some pictures of our baby boy. He is healthy and active!! We joke that he is already a little Paul. Our due date is November 18th and we are excited to be having a home birth. It is a decision that we knew we were going to do before getting pregnant and are excited to be able to choose a decision that just feels right for us. But on that note, we also know it is not going to be easy but I am definately excited for the challenge. Enjoy the pics!


Well last time I posted I talked about anticipating winter… and… well it hasn’t been that bad. Paul and I were just talking about how bearable it actually was. I feel like there’s been more sunny days this winter than I can remember since moving here. So that is refreshing. We have had a day or 2 or warm weather and I can already sense spring… maybe a little premature but not to much longer. Some exciting news for us is that we are moving back upstairs. Our tenants are leaving and we decided to not rent it out again. So we will have a lot more room to move around. We will use our basement as Pauls “mancave” ( i like to call it that ) . We’ll have our office down here and he will keep all his work tools here also. Another new thing in our life is that Paul was offered a job with Johnston Mechanical. Chris Johnson owns this company and has been working on Paul’s parents properties for years. Paul also worked for Chris full time while in high school. Christ offered Paul a great job doing heating/cooling. So far so good. It is allowing us to do things like move upstairs and better plan for whats next for us. No pictures but I’m sure many of you have seen Marley pictures and Paul and I tend to stay the same !!! :)